Thursday, May 1, 2008

Graham and Me on the Punee

Soft Spring breeze on our cheeks

Solid chunk of baby boy in my arms

Out on the patio, bamboo screening on the roof above

The whole house empty except for one lady, a boy and his dog

Soft rhythmic rattle of wind through the banana and palm leaves

Patterns of dappled shade playing over us on the punee cushions

Little white dog napping on the sunny deck

Songs of a dozen kinds of birds from all sides

Water fountain gurgling as the flute section

Sparrows, finches, towhees flying about in an air show

One hovering hummingbird observing us from both sides

The whole hour soft and supporting

Nature’s heart disguised as breezes ruffling our clothes

Like a show performed for just us two

We talked--

4 month old Graham: “ouh ouh bl bl aaa”

64 year old me: “boo bah boo pa oh oh tu tu

G: “bl wa ouh nn aah

Me: “tut ah pa pa pa mm oo oo

G: “wuh uh wa ehhhh

We were considerate, waiting for the other to complete their thought

Our conversation covered many things

With words of peace and connection

I could never have imagined such a scene

Yet it was there for us, with my full presence as perfect as an infant

Languid, quiet, the moments of stillness lived perfectly

Nothing to seek or change or be off to do

A few moments sublime, unbidden, a gift.

I can be there now and wonder at it again.

April 18, 2008